House Name Phonetic Pronunciation County or District
Abbey Leix House (Abbeyleix House) (Abbeyleix Castle) ABBEY LEAKS Co. Laois
Aigas House A-GAS ("A" rhymes with hay) Highlands
Alnwick Castle ANN-ICK Northumberland
Althorp (Althorp House) ALL-TRUP or ALL-THORP Northamptonshire
Anglesey Abbey ANG-UL-SEE Cambridgeshire
Ardkinglas ARD-KIN-GLIS Argyll & Bute
Arundel Castle AIR-UN-DUL West Sussex
Arundel Park AIR-UN-DUL West Sussex
Asthall Manor ASS-TUL Oxfordshire
Athelhampton House (Athelhampton Hall) (Pidele) ATTLE-HAMPTON Dorset
Auchinleck House (Affleck House) AWK-IN-LECK or AF-LECK East Ayrshire
Balmoral Castle BAL-MORE-UL Aberdeenshire
Bamburgh Castle BAM-BUR-UH Northumberland
Barlaston Hall BAR-LUS-TUN Staffordshire
Beaulieu (Palace House) BYOO-LEE Hampshire
Belvoir Castle BEE-VUR Lincolnshire
Benacre Hall BEN-UH-KUR Suffolk
Berkeley Castle (Berkley Castle) BARK-LEE Gloucestershire
Blairquhan Castle BLAIR-WAN South Ayrshire
Blenheim Palace (Blenheim House) BLEN-UM Oxfordshire
Bodelwyddan Castle BOD-EL-WITH-AN Denbighshire
Bodiam Castle (Bodyham Castle) BEAU-DEE-UM East Sussex
Boughton House BOW-TUN (as in "take a bow") Northamptonshire
Bowood House (Bowood Park) BOW-WOOD (bow, as in bow and arrow) Wiltshire
Brougham Hall (Brougham Castle) BROOM Cumbria
Broughton Castle BROT-UN Oxfordshire
Browsholme Hall BROOS-UM Lancashire
Brympton d'Evercy (Brympton House) BRIMP-TUN DEV-ER-SEE Somerset
Bryngwyn Hall (Bryngwyn House) BRIN-GWIN Powys
Brynkinalt (Brynkinallt Hall) (Bryn Kinillt) (Bryncunallt) BRYN-KA-NULT Wrexham
Buckingham House (91 Pall Mall) BUCK-ING-UM London
Buckingham Palace (Buckingham House) (The Queen's House) (Queen's Palace) (Goring House) (Arlington House) BUCK-ING-UM London
Burghley House BUR-LEE Lincolnshire
Burwarton Hall (Burwarton House) BUR-WUR-TUN Shropshire
Buscot Park BUS-KIT Oxfordshire
Bylaugh Hall (Bylaugh Park) BEE-LA Norfolk
Carew Castle KEER-OO Pembrokeshire
Castle Coole Castle COOL Co. Fermanagh
Charlecote Park CHARL-KIT Warwickshire
Chequers (Chequers Court) CHECKERS Buckinghamshire
Chiswick House CHIZ-ICK London
Cholmondeley Castle (Cholmondeley Hall) CHUM-LEE Cheshire
Cirencester Abbey House SIGH-REN-SES-TUR or SIS-ES-TUR Gloucestershire
Cirencester Park (Cirencester House) (Oakley Grove) SIGH-REN-SES-TUR or SIS-ES-TUR Gloucestershire
Combermere Abbey CUM-BUR-MEER Shropshire
Compton Wynyates (Compton Wyngates) (Compton-in-the-Hole) (Upper Compton Wynyates) COMTIN WIN-YITS Warwickshire
Corsham Court CORE-SHUM Wiltshire
Cotehele House CA-TEAL Cornwall
Cothay Manor COT-HAY Somerset
Cottesbrooke Hall COT-ISS-BROOK Northamptonshire
Coughton Court COAT-AN Warwickshire
Cound Hall COONED (coo like a baby) Shropshire
Craigievar Castle CRAIG-EE-VAR Aberdeenshire
Crathes Castle CRATH-ISS Aberdeenshire
Culross Palace (Culross Place) CURE-ISS Fife
Culzean Castle CA-LANE South Ayrshire
Curraghmore CUR-A-MORE (like curt) Co. Waterford
Dalmeny House (Barnbougle Castle) DAL-MEN-EE Edinburgh
Deepdene (The Deepdene) DEEP-DEAN Surrey
Drumlanrig Castle DRUM-LAN-RIGG Dumfries & Galloway
Dumfries House DUM-FREEZE East Ayrshire
Dunvegan Castle DUN-VAY-GUN Highlands
Dyrham Park DEER-UM South Gloucestershire
Eilean Donan Castle EE-LUN DUN-UN Highlands
Eltham Lodge L-TUM London
Eltham Palace (Eltham Court) L-TUM London
Endsleigh House (Endsleigh Cottage) INZ-LEE Devon
Erddig (Erddig Park) (Erthig) AIR-THIG ("th" as in "thee") Wrexham
Farnborough Hall FARN-BURR-AH Warwickshire
Fasque House (Fasque Castle) FASK Aberdeenshire
Floors Castle (Fleurs Castle) FLEURS Scottish Borders
Folkington Manor FOW-ING-TUN East Sussex
Fort Brecqhou Fort BREE-KOO Guernsey
Fyvie Castle FY-VEE Aberdeenshire
Glamis Castle GLAHMZ Angus
Glandyfi Castle GLAN-DOVEY Powys
Goodnestone Park (Goodnestone House) GUNS-TUN Kent
Grandtully Castle (Grantully Castle) GRANT-LEE Perth & Kinross
Groby Old Hall (Groby Manor) (Groby Castle) GREW-BE Leicestershire
Grosvenor House (Gloucester House) GROVE-NUR London
Harewood House (Gawthorpe Hall) (Harewood Castle) HARR-WOOD West Yorkshire (West Riding)
Harlaxton Manor HAR-LUX-TUN Lincolnshire
Hawarden Castle (Hawarden Park) (Howarden Castle) (Broadlane Hall) HARD-ON Flintshire
Hawkstone Hall (Hawkstone Park) HAWK-STUN Shropshire
Herstmonceux Castle (Hurstmonceux Castle) HURSS-MUN-SUE East Sussex
Heveningham Hall (Heavingham Hall) HEN-ING-UM Suffolk
Hever Castle HEAVE-UR Kent
Hidcote House HID-KIT Gloucestershire
Hidcote Manor HID-KIT Gloucestershire
Highclere Castle (Highclere House) (High Clere) HIGH-CLEAR West Berkshire
Hinwick Hall HEN-ICK Bedfordshire
Hinwick House (Hinwick Hall) HEN-ICK Bedfordshire
Hoghton Tower HORTON Lancashire
Holker Hall HOOKER Cumbria
Holkham Hall (Hill Hall) HOKE-UM Norfolk
Honington Hall HUN-ING-TUN Warwickshire
Houghton Hall HOW-TUN Norfolk
Houghton Lodge HOE-TUN Hampshire
Hovingham Hall HAHN-ING-UM York
Iford Manor EYE-FURD Wiltshire
Ightham Mote (Ightham Court) ITEM MOAT Kent
Ince Blundell Hall INSE BLUN-DULL Merseyside
Inveraray Castle (Inverary Castle) IN-VER-AIR-EE Argyll & Bute
Iscoyd Park ISS-KOID (like koi pond) Wrexham
Kailzie House KAY-LEE Scottish Borders
Kew Palace (The Dutch House) KYOO (like a cue ball) London
Kingston Bagpuize House (Kingston House) KINGS-TUN BAG-PEWS Oxfordshire
Knebworth House NEB-WORTH Hertfordshire
Knole (Knole House) NOLE Kent
Lanhydrock House LAN-HIGH-DROCK Cornwall
Launceston Castle LANTERN Cornwall
Leighton Hall LAY-TUN Lancashire
Leighton Hall LAY-TUN Shropshire
Leighton House LAY-TUN London
Leixlip Castle LEASE-LIP Co. Kildare
Lewes Castle LEWIS East Sussex
Lewes House LEWIS East Sussex
Lisnavagh House LIZ-NA-VAAH Co. Carlow
Loton Park LOW-TUN Shropshire
Luddesdown Court LUDDS-DUN Kent
Luggala (Luggala Castle) (Luggala House) LUG-A-LAW Co. Wicklow
Luton Hoo (Luton House) LOU-TUN WHO Bedfordshire
Lyme Park (Lyme Hall) LIME Cheshire
Lyveden New Bield LIVED-IN New BEALED (rymes with peeled) Northamptonshire
Madresfield Court MADERS-FIELD Worcestershire
Malvern Hall MALL-VERN (American pronunciation of mall) West Midlands
Marlborough House MALL-BURR-AH London
Melchet Court MEL-CHET Hampshire
Mellerstain House MELLER-STUN Scottish Borders
Mereworth Castle MARY-WORTH Kent
Millichope Park MILL-A-CHIP Shropshire
Newhailes House (Whitehill) (Broughton House) NEW-HALES East Lothian
Nostell Priory NOSS-TUL West Yorkshire (West Riding)
Owlpen Manor OLE-PEN Gloucestershire
Oxborough Hall, Emneth OX-BURR-AH Norfolk
Oxburgh Hall, Oxborough OX-BURR-AH Norfolk
Parham House (Parham Park) PAA-RUM West Sussex
Penicuik House (Newbiggin) PEN-EE-COOK Midlothian
Pentillie Castle PEN-TILL-EE Cornwall
Peover Hall PEE-VUR Cheshire
Plas Newydd (Llwyn-y-Moel) PLASS NEW-ITH or PLASS NEW-ID Isle of Anglesey
Port Lympne (Belcaire) Port LIM Kent
Powderham Castle POWDER-UM Devon
Powis Castle (Pool, Poole, Pole Castle) (Castell Coch) (Red Castle) POE-ISS Powys
Prideaux Place (Place House) PRID-OH Cornwall
Prinknash Park PRIN-ISH Gloucestershire
Raby Castle RAY-BEE County Durham
Rokeby Hall (Rokeby Park) ROOK-BEE County Durham
Rousham House (Rousham Park) ROW-SHUM (row, as in a shouting match) Oxfordshire
Russborough House RUSS-BURR-AH Co. Wicklow
Samares Manor SAM-A-RAY Jersey
Scone Palace SKOON Perth & Kinross
Sezincote House (Sesincot) SEIZE-IN-KUT Gloucestershire
Shardeloes House SHAR-DEE-LOWS Buckinghamshire
Sizergh Castle SIZER Cumbria
Somerleyton Hall SUMMER-LAY-TUN Suffolk
Southill Park, Bedfordshire SUTH-UL Bedfordshire
Squerryes Court (Squerries Court) SQUARE-EASE Kent
Stanwick Park (Stanwick Hall) STAN-ICK North Yorkshire (North Riding)
Sudeley Castle SUED-LEE Gloucestershire
Syon House (Syon Park) (Sion House) ZION London
Thame Park TAME Oxfordshire
Theobalds (Theobalds Palace) (Old Theobalds Palace) (Cullynges) (Tongs) (Thebaudes) (Tibbolds) TIBBLES Hertfordshire
Theobalds Park TIBBLES Hertfordshire
Thirlestane Castle THURL-STUN Scottish Borders
Traquair House TRA-KWAIR Scottish Borders
Tredegar House (Tredergar Park) TRUH-DEE-GUR Newport
Trentham Park (Trentham Hall) TRENT-UM Staffordshire
Tyninghame House (Tyninghame Castle) TIN-ING-UM East Lothian
Tyntesfield (Tyntes Place) TENTS-FIELD North Somerset
Tyringham Hall TEER-ING-UM Milton Keynes
Waddesdon Manor WADS-DUN Buckinghamshire
Warwick Castle WAR-ICK Warwickshire
Warwick House WAR-ICK London
Warwick Priory (The Priory) WAR-ICK Warwickshire
Wemyss Castle WEEMS Fife
West Wycombe Park West WICK-UM Buckinghamshire
Wightwick Manor WIT-ICK West Midlands
Willey Park (Willey Hall) WILLIE Shropshire
Witham Hall WIT-UM Lincolnshire
Woburn Abbey WOE-BURN Bedfordshire
Wollaton Hall WOOL-A-TUN Nottinghamshire
Woodcote Park WOOD-KIT Surrey
Worcester Park WUS-TUR Surrey
Wotton House (Wotton Underwood) WUT-UN (rhymes with foot) Buckinghamshire
Wrotham Park ROOT-UM London
Wycombe Abbey (Loakes Manor) WICK-UM Buckinghamshire
Wynyard Hall (Wynyard Park) WIN-YARD Stockton-on-Tees