House Name Phonetic Pronunciation County or District
Abbey Leix House (Abbeyleix House) (Abbeyleix Castle) ABBEY LEAKS Co. Laois
Adcote ADD-KIT Shropshire
Aigas House A-GAS ("A" rhymes with hay) Highlands
Alnwick Castle ANN-ICK Northumberland
Althorp (Althorp House) ALL-TRUP or ALL-THORP Northamptonshire
Amhuinnsuidhe Castle (Abhainnsuidhe Castle) (Fincastle) AVIN-SUEY Comhairle nan Eilean Siar (Western Isles)
Anglesey Abbey (Anglesey Priory) ANGLE-SEE Cambridgeshire
Ardkinglas House (Ardkginglas Castle) ARD-KIN-GLIS Argyll & Bute
Ardverikie (Ardverikie Lodge) ARD-VARE-A-KEY Highlands
Arundel Castle AIR-UN-DUL West Sussex
Arundel Park AIR-UN-DUL West Sussex
Asthall Manor ASS-TUL Oxfordshire
Athelhampton House (Athelhampton Hall) (Pidele) ATTLE-HAMPTON Dorset
Auchinleck House (Affleck House) AWK-IN-LECK or AF-LECK East Ayrshire
Avon Castle AV-UN Hampshire
Ballysallagh House BALLY-SAL-AH Co. Kilkenny
Balmoral Castle BAL-MORE-UL Aberdeenshire
Bamburgh Castle BAM-BUR-UH Northumberland
Barlaston Hall BAR-LUS-TUN Staffordshire
Beaulieu (Palace House) (Beaulieu Castle) BYOO-LEE Hampshire
Beaulieu House BYOO-LEE Co. Louth
Belvoir Castle BEE-VUR Lincolnshire
Benacre Hall BEN-UH-KUR Suffolk
Beningbrough Hall BENNING-BUR-AH North Yorkshire (North Riding)
Berkeley Castle (Berkley Castle) BARK-LEE Gloucestershire
Berwick House (Berwick Hall) (Little Berwick) BEAR-ICK Shropshire
Berwick Maviston (Berwick Mavison) (Berwick Malestein) (Berwick Malveston) BEAR-ICK Shropshire
Bessborough House BEZ-BUR-AH Co. Kilkenny
Blairquhan Castle BLAIR-WAN South Ayrshire
Blenheim Palace (Blenheim House) (Blenheim Castle) (Woodstock Manor) BLEN-UM Oxfordshire
Bodelwyddan Castle BOD-EL-WITH-AN Denbighshire
Bodiam Castle (Bodyham Castle) BEAU-DEE-UM East Sussex
Boughton House BOW-TUN (as in "take a bow") Northamptonshire
Bowood House (Bowood Park) BOW-WOOD (bow, as in bow and arrow) Wiltshire
Brechin Castle BREE-KIN Angus
Brougham Hall (Brougham Castle) BROOM Cumbria
Broughton Castle BROT-UN Oxfordshire
Broughton Hall BROUGHT-UN North Yorkshire (North Riding)
Browsholme Hall BROOS-UM Lancashire
Brympton d'Evercy (Brympton House) BRIMP-TUN DEV-ER-SEE Somerset
Bryngwyn Hall (Bryngwyn House) BRIN-GWIN Powys
Brynkinalt (Brynkinallt Hall) (Bryn Kinillt) (Bryncunallt) BRYN-KA-NULT Wrexham
Buckingham House (91 Pall Mall) BUCK-ING-UM London
Buckingham Palace (Buckingham House) (The Queen's House) (Queen's Palace) (Goring House) (Arlington House) BUCK-ING-UM London
Burghley House BUR-LEE Lincolnshire
Burwarton Hall (Burwarton House) BUR-WUR-TUN Shropshire
Buscot Park BUS-KIT Oxfordshire
Bylaugh Hall (Bylaugh Park) BEE-LA Norfolk
Bylaugh Old Hall BEE-LA Norfolk
Carew Castle KEER-OO Pembrokeshire
Castle Bromwich Hall (The Hall) Castle BROM-ICH West Midlands
Castle Coole Castle COOL Co. Fermanagh
Castle of Mey (Barrogill Castle) Castle of MAY Highlands
Charlecote Park (Charlecote Hall) CHARL-KIT Warwickshire
Chequers (Chequers Court) CHECKERS Buckinghamshire
Chiswick House CHIZ-ICK London
Cholmondeley Castle (Cholmondeley Hall) CHUM-LEE Cheshire
Cirencester Abbey House SIGH-REN-SES-TUR or SIS-ES-TUR Gloucestershire
Cirencester Park (Cirencester House) (Oakley Grove) SIGH-REN-SES-TUR or SIS-ES-TUR Gloucestershire
Colne Priory (Earls Colne Priory) (The Priory) CONE Priory Essex
Combermere Abbey CUM-BUR-MEER Shropshire
Compton Wynyates (Compton Wyngates) (Compton-in-the-Hole) (Upper Compton Wynyates) COMTIN WIN-YITS Warwickshire
Corsham Court (Corsham House) CORE-SHUM Wiltshire
Cotehele House CA-TEAL Cornwall
Cothay Manor COT-HAY Somerset
Cottesbrooke Hall COT-ISS-BROOK Northamptonshire
Coughton Court COAT-AN Warwickshire
Cound Hall COO-UND (coo like a baby) Shropshire
Craigievar Castle CRAIG-EE-VAR Aberdeenshire
Crathes Castle CRATH-ISS Aberdeenshire
Culross Palace (Culross Place) CURE-ISS Fife
Culzean Castle (Cullean Castle) (Coif Castle) (House of Cove) CA-LANE South Ayrshire
Curraghmore CUR-A-MORE (like curt) Co. Waterford
Dalmeny House (Dalmeny Park) (Barnbougle Castle) DAL-MEN-EE Edinburgh
Drumlanrig Castle DRUM-LAN-RIGG Dumfries & Galloway
Dudmaston Hall (Dudmaster Hall) DUD-MUS-TUN Shropshire
Dumfries House DUM-FREES East Ayrshire
Duncombe Park DUN-CUM North Yorkshire (North Riding)
Dunvegan Castle DUN-VAY-GUN Highlands
Dyrham Park DEER-UM South Gloucestershire
Eilean Donan Castle EE-LUN DUN-UN Highlands
Eltham Lodge L-TUM London
Eltham Palace (Eltham Court) L-TUM London
Endsleigh House (Endsleigh Cottage) INZ-LEE Devon
Erddig Hall (Erddig Park) (Erthig) AIR-THIG ("th" as in "thee") Wrexham
Eyton Hall EYE-TUN Shropshire
Farnborough Hall FARN-BURR-AH Warwickshire
Fasque House (Fasque Castle) FASK Aberdeenshire
Floors Castle (Fleurs Castle) (Roxburgh Castle) FLEURS Scottish Borders
Folkington Manor FOW-ING-TUN East Sussex
Fort Brecqhou Fort BREE-KOO Guernsey
Fyvie Castle FY-VEE Aberdeenshire
Glamis Castle GLAHMZ Angus
Glandyfi Castle GLAN-DOVEY Powys
Goodnestone Park (Goodnestone House) GUNS-TUN Kent
Grandtully Castle (Grantully Castle) GRANT-LEE Perth & Kinross
Great Berwick (Upper Berwick) BEAR-ICK Shropshire
Groby Old Hall (Groby Manor) (Groby Castle) GREW-BE Leicestershire
Grosvenor House (Gloucester House) GROVE-NUR London
Guisachan House GOOSE-A-KUN Highlands
Harewood House (Harewood Castle) (Gawthorpe Hall) HARR-WOOD (like hard) or HAIR-WOOD West Yorkshire (West Riding)
Harlaxton Manor HAR-LUX-TUN Lincolnshire
Haselbech Hall (Haselbeech Hall) HAZEL BEACH Northamptonshire
Hawarden Castle (Hawarden Park) (Howarden Castle) (Broadlane Hall) HARD-ON Flintshire
Hawkstone Hall (Hawkstone Park) HAWK-STUN Shropshire
Herstmonceux Castle (Hurstmonceux Castle) HURSS-MUN-SUE East Sussex
Heveningham Hall (Heavingham Hall) HEN-ING-UM Suffolk
Hever Castle HEAVE-UR Kent
Hidcote House HID-KIT Gloucestershire
Hidcote Manor HID-KIT Gloucestershire
Highclere Castle (Highclere House) (High Clere) HIGH-CLEAR Hampshire
Hillsborough Castle (Hillsborough House) (Government House) HILLS-BUR-AH Co. Down
Hinwick Hall HEN-ICK Bedfordshire
Hinwick House (Hinwick Hall) HEN-ICK Bedfordshire
Hoghton Tower HORTON Lancashire
Holker Hall HOOKER Cumbria
Holkham Hall (Holkham House) (Hill Hall) HOKE-UM Norfolk
Honington Hall HUN-ING-TUN Warwickshire
Houghton Hall HOW-TUN Norfolk
Houghton Lodge HOE-TUN Hampshire
Hovingham Hall HAHN-ING-UM York
Howick Hall HOE-ICK Northumberland
Iford Manor EYE-FURD Wiltshire
Ightham Mote (Ightham Court) ITEM MOAT Kent
Ince Blundell Hall INSE BLUN-DULL Merseyside
Inveraray Castle (Inverary Castle) IN-VER-AIR-UH Argyll & Bute
Iscoyd Park ISS-KOID (like koi pond) Wrexham
Kailzie House KAY-LEE Scottish Borders
Kew Palace (The Dutch House) (The Prince's House) (The Castellated Palace) KYOO (like a cue ball) London
Kilravock Castle KILL-RORK Highlands
Kingston Bagpuize House (Kingston House) KINGS-TUN BAG-PEWS Oxfordshire
Knebworth House (Knebworth Place) NEB-WORTH Hertfordshire
Knole (Knole House) NOLE Kent
Knowsley Hall NOSE-LEE Merseyside
Lanhydrock House (Lanhydroc) LAN-HIGH-DROCK Cornwall
Layer Marney Tower LAY-ER (like to lay down) MARNEY Essex
Leighton Hall LAY-TUN Lancashire
Leighton Hall LAY-TUN Shropshire
Leighton House LAY-TUN London
Leixlip Castle LEASE-LIP Co. Kildare
Lewes Castle LEWIS East Sussex
Lewes House LEWIS East Sussex
Lisnavagh House LIZ-NA-VAAH Co. Carlow
Loton Park LOW-TUN Shropshire
Luddesdown Court LUDDS-DUN Kent
Luggala Lodge (Luggala Castle) (Luggala House) (Luggela House) LUG-A-LAW Co. Wicklow
Luton Hoo (Luton House) LOU-TUN WHO Bedfordshire
Lyme Park (Lyme Hall) LIME Cheshire
Lyveden New Bield LIVED-IN New BEALED (rymes with peeled) Northamptonshire
Madeley Court (Madeley Hall) MAID-LEE Telford & Wrekin
Madresfield Court MADERS-FIELD Worcestershire
Malvern Hall (Malvern Farm) MALL-VERN (American pronunciation of mall) West Midlands
Marlborough House MALL-BURR-AH London
Melchet Court MEL-CHET Hampshire
Mellerstain House MELLER-STUN Scottish Borders
Mereworth Castle MARY-WORTH Kent
Millichope Park MILL-A-CHIP Shropshire
Naworth Castle NOW-URTH Cumbria
Newburgh Priory NEW-BURR-AH North Yorkshire (North Riding)
Newhailes House (Whitehill) (Broughton House) NEW-HALES East Lothian
Nostell Priory NOSS-TUL West Yorkshire (West Riding)
Owlpen Manor OLE-PEN Gloucestershire
Oxburgh Hall (Oxborough Hall), Emneth OX-BURR-AH Norfolk
Oxburgh Hall, Oxborough OX-BURR-AH Norfolk
Parham House (Parham Park) PAA-RUM West Sussex
Penicuik House (Newbiggin) PEN-EE-COOK Midlothian
Penrhyn Castle PEN-WREN Gwynedd
Penrhyn Old Hall PEN-WREN Gwynedd
Pentillie Castle PEN-TILL-EE Cornwall
Peover Hall PEE-VUR Cheshire
Pitzhanger Manor (Pitshanger Manor) PITTS-HANG-UR London
Plas Newydd (Anglesey Castle) (Llwyn-y-Moel) PLASS NEW-ITH or PLASS NEW-ID Isle of Anglesey
Plas Newydd (Pen-y-Maes) PLASS NEW-ITH or PLASS NEW-ID Denbighshire
Port Lympne (Belcaire) Port LIM Kent
Powderham Castle POWDER-UM Devon
Powis Castle (Pool, Poole, Pole Castle) (Castell Coch) (Red Castle) POE-ISS Powys
Prideaux Place (Place House) PRID-OH Cornwall
Prinknash Park PRIN-ISH Gloucestershire
Raby Castle RAY-BEE County Durham
Raynham Hall (Rainham Hall) (Raineham Hall) RAIN-UM Norfolk
Rhug House (Rug House) REEG Denbighshire
Rokeby Park (Rokeby Hall) ROOK-BEE County Durham
Rousham House (Rousham Park) ROW-SHUM (row, as in a shouting match) Oxfordshire
Russborough House RUSS-BURR-AH Co. Wicklow
Samares Manor SAM-A-RAY Jersey
Scone Palace SKOON Perth & Kinross
Sennowe Park (Sennowe Hall) SIN-O Norfolk
Sezincote House (Sesincot) SEIZE-IN-KUT Gloucestershire
Shardeloes House SHAR-DEE-LOWS Buckinghamshire
Siston Court SIZE-TUN Devon
Sizergh Castle SIZER Cumbria
Somerleyton Hall SUMMER-LAY-TUN Suffolk
Southill Park SUTH-UL Bedfordshire
Southwick House (Southwick Park) SUTH-ICK Hampshire
Squerryes Court (Squerries Court) SQUARE-EASE Kent
Stanwick Park (Stanwick Hall) STAN-ICK North Yorkshire (North Riding)
Sudeley Castle SUED-LEE Gloucestershire
Syon House (Syon Park) (Sion House) ZION London
Thame Park TAME Oxfordshire
The Deepdene (Deepdene House) DEEP-DEAN Surrey
Theobalds Palace (Theobalds House) (Old Theobalds Palace) (Cullynges) (Tongs) (Thebaudes) (Tibbolds) TIBBLES Hertfordshire
Theobalds Park TIBBLES Hertfordshire
Thirlestane Castle THURL-STUN Scottish Borders
Traquair House TRA-QUARE Scottish Borders
Tredegar House (Tredergar Park) TRUH-DEE-GUR Newport
Trentham Park (Trentham Hall) TRENT-UM Staffordshire
Tyninghame House (Tyninghame Castle) TIN-ING-UM East Lothian
Tyntesfield (Tyntes Place) TENTS-FIELD North Somerset
Tyringham Hall TEER-ING-UM Milton Keynes
Waddesdon Manor WADS-DUN Buckinghamshire
Warwick Castle WAR-ICK Warwickshire
Warwick House WAR-ICK London
Warwick Priory (The Priory) WAR-ICK Warwickshire
Wemyss Castle WEEMS Fife
West Wycombe Park West WICK-UM Buckinghamshire
Wightwick Manor WIT-ICK West Midlands
Willey Park (Willey Hall) (Willey Old Hall) WILLIE Shropshire
Witham Hall WIT-UM Lincolnshire
Woburn Abbey WOE-BURN Bedfordshire
Wollaton Hall WOOL-A-TUN Nottinghamshire
Wolterton Hall (Wolterton Park) WUL-TER-TUN Norfolk
Woodcote Park WOOD-KIT Surrey
Worcester Park WUS-TUR Surrey
Wotton House (Wotton Underwood) WUT-UN (rhymes with foot) Buckinghamshire
Wrotham Park (Strangeways) (Pinchbank) ROOT-UM Hertfordshire
Wycombe Abbey (Loakes Manor) (Loakes House) WICK-UM Buckinghamshire
Wynyard Hall (Wynyard Park) WIN-YARD Stockton-on-Tees