The Crown: A Tour of Filming Locations of the Most Expensive TV Series Ever Made

The Netflix original series The Crown is the most expensive TV series made to date. While the accuracy of some of the stories and scandals dramatized in the series may be in question, one thing we can all agree on is that the set design, costumes, and décor are outstanding. The country houses of Britain are some of the leading stars in this spectacular television drama. Join Curt DiCamillo for a tour of the luscious interiors and expansive gardens and grounds that stand in for the palaces and castles of Britain’s most famous family.

If you’d like to see a virtual presentation on YouTube that Curt gave of this lecture in January of 2021 for the New England Historic Genealogical Society, click here.

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Curt is a great presenter. The topic moves right along and is interesting all the way. I've attended other webinars where the speakers stumble and are just reading the material. Bravo, Curt!