DiCamillo Companion

Whitworth Hall (Whitworth Park)

  • Earlier Houses: An earlier house on the site was demolished in 1876 and replaced with the current house.

    House & Family History: Bonny Bobby Shafto, a member of the family who were seated at Whitworth for over 300 years, was the subject of a famous 18th century English nursery rhyme.

  • John Bernard (J.B.) Burke, published under the title of A Visitation of the Seats and Arms of the Noblemen and Gentlemen of Great Britain and Ireland, among other titles: 2.S. Vol. I, p. 246, 1854.

  • Title: Disintegration of a Heritage: Country Houses and their Collections, 1979-1992, The
    Author: Sayer, Michael
    Year Published: 1993
    Publisher: Norfolk: Michael Russell (Publishing)
    ISBN: 0859551970
    Book Type: Hardback

    Title: Lost Houses of County Durham
    Author: Meadows, Peter; Waterson, Edward
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  • House Listed: Grade II

    Park Listed: Not Listed

  • "The Girl" (1996).
  • Past Seat / Home of: Mark Shafto, 17th century; Robert Eden Duncombe Shafto, 19th century; Shafto family here from 1652 until 1981.

    Current Ownership Type: Corporation

    Primary Current Ownership Use: Hotel

    Ownership Details: Today Whitworth Hall Hotel

  • House Open to Public: By Appointment

    Phone: 01388-811-772

    Email: enquiries@whitworthhall.co.uk

    Website: http://www.whitworthhall.co.uk

    Historic Houses Member: No