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Orwell Park

  • House & Family History: In 1936 George Pretyman sold Orwell Park to Aldeburgh Lodge School, which renamed itself Orwell Park School.

    House Replaced By: In the 1930s the Pretyman family built a new, smaller house at the other end of the park.

  • Garden & Outbuildings: In the mid-19th century the Orwell Park Estate ran to over 18,000 acres.

  • Architect: John MacVicar Anderson

    Date: 1860s-70s
    Designed: Water Tower (1868); observatory and additions to house (1870s), all for George Tomline.

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    Architect: William Burn

    Date: 1851-53
    Designed: Extended house for George Tomline

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  • House Listed: Grade II

    Park Listed: Not Listed

  • Past Seat / Home of: Admiral Edward Vernon, until 1757; Francis Vernon, 1757-83; John Vernon, 1783-1818. Sir Robert Harland, 2nd Bt., 1818-48. Colonel George Tomline, MP, 1848-89. Ernest George Pretyman, 1889-1931; George Pretyman. 1931-36.

    Current Ownership Type: School

    Primary Current Ownership Use: School

    Ownership Details: Since 1936 Orwell Park School

  • House Open to Public: No

    Phone: 01473-659-225

    Email: headmaster@orwellpark.org

    Website: https://www.orwellpark.co.uk/

    Historic Houses Member: No