DiCamillo Companion

Ingatestone Hall

  • Built / Designed For: Sir William Petre, Secretary of State to four Tudor monarchs.

    House & Family History: The clock tower was added circa 1700. The quad was restored, with additions, after 1918. Ingatestone has been home to the Petre family since its creation 400 years ago.

  • Country Life: LXXXIII, 64, 1938.

  • House Listed: Grade I

    Park Listed: Not Listed

  • "Lovejoy" (1993 - TV series, episode 4.9, "They Call Me Midas," as Rokeby Hall?). "Lady Audley's Secret" (2000 - TV, as Audley Court; the novel that the movie was based upon was written at Ingatestone Hall by Mary Elizabeth Braddon). "A Wife for William" (2004 - TV series). "Exitz" (2005 - as Percy's House). "Time of Her Life" (2005). "Bleak House" (2005 - TV series, as the exterior of Bleak House).
  • Current Seat / Home of: John Patrick Lionel Petre, 18th Baron Petre; Petre family here for 400 years.

    Current Ownership Type: Individual / Family Trust

    Primary Current Ownership Use: Mixed Use

    Ownership Details: The family lives in the south wing of the house; the north wing is leased to the County Records Society. Ignatestone is owned by Lord Petre.

  • House Open to Public: By Appointment

    Phone: 01277-353-010

    Fax: 01245-248-979

    Website: http://www.ingatestonehall.com

    Historic Houses Member: Yes