DiCamillo Companion

Great Fulford House (Fulford House)

  • House & Family History: Francis Fulford wrote "Bearing Up: The Remarkable Survival of the Landed Estate" in 1999 about the travails and joys of maintaining Great Fulford.

  • John Bernard (J.B.) Burke, published under the title of A Visitation of the Seats and Arms of the Noblemen and Gentlemen of Great Britain and Ireland, among other titles: Vol. I, p. 189, 1852

    Country Life: XXXVI, 160, 1914.

  • Title: Historic Houses (magazine)
    Author: NA
    Year Published: NA
    Reference: Spring 1999, pg. 47
    Publisher: London: Historic Houses Association
    ISBN: 0260-8707
    Book Type: Magazine

  • House Listed: Grade I

    Park Listed: Not Listed

  • "Cutting Edge" (2004 - TV documentary, episode "The F***ing Fulfords"). "How Clean Is Your House" (2005 - TV reality series, episode "How Clean Are the F*lthy Fulfords?"). "Why England's F****d" (2009 - TV documentary). "Why America Sucks" (2009 - TV documentary). "Country House Rescue" (2012 - TV reality series, episode 4.4, "Great Fulford").
  • Current Seat / Home of: Francis Fulford; Fulford (de Fulford) family here for 800 years.

    Past Seat / Home of: Baldwin Fulford, 19th century.

    Current Ownership Type: Individual / Family Trust

    Primary Current Ownership Use: Private Home

    Ownership Details: Available for weddings and private tours.

  • House Open to Public: By Appointment

    Email: greatfulford@gmail.com

    Website: http://www.greatfulford.co.uk

    Historic Houses Member: No