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Esher Place (Esher Palace) (Echa Place) (Waynflete's Tower) (Wayneflete Tower) (Chargate)

  • Earlier Houses: There were three earlier houses on or near the site of the current house. During his 1733 building of a new house, William Kent demolished the medieval and Tudor portions of the earlier ecclesiastical palace, keeping only Wayneflete's Tower gatehouse. In the early 19th century Edward Lapidge demolished Kent's house, but reused some of the material from that house for the new house he was building for John Spicer. The current late 19th century house incorporates Lapidge's house as its south wing.

    House & Family History: Cardinal Wolsey, who possessed Esher Palace as bishop of Winchester, was kept under house arrest here after his fall from power. After Wolsey's death, the Esher Estate was seized by Henry VIII, restored to the bishop of Winchester by Mary I, and finally re-purchased for the crown by Elizabeth I.

  • Architect: John Vanbrugh

    Date: 1709-10
    Designed: House (called Chargate) for himself (later incorporated into Claremont)

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    Architect: Achille Duchêne

    Date: 1895-98
    Designed: House, together with George Thomas Robinson, for Edgar Vincent, later 1st Lord D'Abernon. Duchêne and Robinson retained Lapidge's earlier house as the new South Wing.

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    Architect: George Thomas Robinson

    Date: 1895
    Designed: House, together with Duchêne, for Edgar Vincent, later 1st Lord D'Abernon. Duchêne and Robinson retained Lapidge's earlier house as the new South Wing.

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    Architect: Edward Lapidge

    Date: Beginning 1805
    Designed: House for John Spicer, using material from Kent's nearby demolished house.

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    Architect: William Kent

    Date: 1733
    Designed: Rebuilt House, after demolishing medieval and Tudor portions of the Palace, keeping Wayneflete's Tower gatehouse.

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  • House Listed: Grade II

    Park Listed: Not Listed

  • Past Seat / Home of: SEATED AT THE EARLIER PALACE: Cardinal Wolsey, 16th century. SEATED AT CHARGATE, EARLIER HOUSE: John Vanbrugh, early 18th century. SEATED AT CURRENT HOUSE: Henry Pelham, 1st Lord of the Treasury, 18th century. John Spicer, early 19th century. Edgar Vincent, 1st Lord D'Abernon, late 19th-early 20th centuries.

    Current Ownership Type: Other

    Primary Current Ownership Use: Training Center

    Ownership Details: Today Esher Place Training and Conference Centre. Owned by the Unite trade union since 1952, when purchased by the Electrical Trades Union.

  • House Open to Public: No

    Phone: 01372-463-042

    Fax: 01372-467-060

    Email: [email protected]

    Website: http://www.unitetheunion.org

    Historic Houses Member: No