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Benwell Hall

  • House & Family History: Some of the land from the Benwell Hall Estate was sold in 1924 to create a sports field for Vickers Limited, the British engineering corporation. This land ultimately became a training ground for Newcastle United football club. When plans to convert the House to executive apartments failed, Benwell Hall was demolished, in spite of a public outcry. The House was replaced by a housing development.

  • Architect: John Dobson

    Date: 19th century
    Designed: Added extensions to House
    (Attribution of this work is uncertain)
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  • Title: Lost Houses of Newcastle and Northumberland
    Author: Faulkner, Thomas; Lowery, Phoebe
    Year Published: 1996
    Publisher: Yorkshire: Jill Raines
    ISBN: 0951649426
    Book Type: Softback

  • House Listed: Demolished

    Park Listed: Not Listed

  • Current Ownership Type: Demolished

    Primary Current Ownership Use: Demolished

  • House Open to Public: No

    Historic Houses Member: No