DiCamillo Companion

House of Gray (Gray House)

  • House & Family History: House of Gray is a charming early 18th century house with a creamy stuccoed exterior. After World War II the House was allowed to slip into dereliction; at one time it was without a roof. A program of restoration has been ongoing for some years, supported in part by Historic Scotland (the roof has been completely replaced). The House was listed for sale in the spring of 2005 for £800,000.

    Comments: The architectural historian John Mackay called the House of Gray "one of the prettiest seats in Scotland."

  • Vitruvius Scoticus: Adam, W., pl. 98, 1810.

  • Title: Buildings of Historical Interest in Need of Repair and For Sale
    Author: NA
    Year Published: NA
    Reference: No. 145, Spring 2005, pg. 49
    Publisher: London: The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings
    ISBN: NA
    Book Type: Magazine

  • House Listed: Category A

    Park Listed: Listed

  • Current Ownership Type: Individual / Family Trust

    Primary Current Ownership Use: Private Home

  • House Open to Public: No

    Historic Houses Member: No