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Easton Lodge (Estaines) (Warwick House)

  • Earlier Houses: There were a number of earlier houses on, or near, the site of the current house, including a Roman fort, a Medieval manor house, a fortified house, a wooden hunting lodge, and an Elizabethan mansion with 17th century additions.

    House & Family History: After the Elizabethan house burned down in 1847, the 17th century Jacobean west wing (which survived the fire), was rebuilt and a new house was created in the Victorian Gothic style. In 1918 another fire severely damaged house, after which it was again rebuilt. During World War II Easton Lodge and much of the grounds were occupied by the British Home Guard and the 386th Bomber Group of the U.S. Air Force. In 1950 most of Easton Lodge was demolished by Maynard Greville, a son of Daisy, Countess of Warwick. In the 1960s, Maynard's daughter, Felice Spurrier, sold the remaining fragment of Easton Lodge, which was later converted into a private home called Warwick House.

  • Garden & Outbuildings: The stables and cottages are late 19th century. Harold Peto designed the water garden and the Italian Garden for Daisy, Countess of Warwick, in the early 20th century. Between 1942 and 1943 thousands of trees were cut down to create Great Dunmow Airfield on the estate as part of the war effort. The estate and most of the gardens are owned by Land Securities, who lease the gardens to the Gardens of Easton Lodge Preservation Trust, who maintain and open them to the public.

  • Architect: Thomas Hopper

    Date: Circa 1847-50
    Designed: Rebuilt house after 1847 fire for 3rd Viscount Maynard

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    Architect: Philip Tilden

    Date: 1918-20
    Designed: Rebuilt house after 1918 fire for Daisy, Countess of Warwick.

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    Architect: Harold Ainsworth Peto

    Date: 1902
    Designed: Water and Italian gardens for Daisy, Countess of Warwick.

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  • House Listed: Grade II

    Park Listed: Grade II

  • Past Seat / Home of: SEATED AT EARLIER HOUSES: Sir William Bourchier, 14th century; Henry Bourchier, 5th Baron Bourchier, 2nd Count of Eu, 1st Viscount Bourchier, and 1st Earl of Essex (fifth creation), until 1483; Henry Bourchier, 2nd Earl of Essex, 6th Baron Bourchier, 3rd Count of Eu, and 2nd Viscount Bourchier, 1483-1540; Bourchier family here from 1356 until 1558. Henry Maynard, 1590-1610; Charles Maynard, 1st Viscount Maynard, until 1775; Charles Maynard, 2nd Viscount Maynard, 1775-1824; Henry Maynard, 3rd Viscount Maynard, 1824-47. SEATED AT CURRENT HOUSE: Henry Maynard, 3rd Viscount Maynard, 1848-65; Maynard family here from 1582 until 1865. Frances Evelyn "Daisy" Greville, Countess of Warwick, 1865-1938; Maynard Greville, 1938-1960. Brian and Diana Creasey, 1971-2010.

    Current Ownership Type: Individual / Family Trust

    Primary Current Ownership Use: Private Home

  • House Open to Public: Grounds Only

    Phone: 01371-876-979

    Fax: 01371-876-979

    Email: enquiries@eastonlodge.co.uk

    Website: https://www.eastonlodge.co.uk/

    Historic Houses Member: Yes