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Tours that change the way you see the world

The British and Irish country house is unique among the world's historic houses. Nowhere else do art, architecture, and gardens come together in such a perfect celebration of beauty. Join us and tour these masterpieces!

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The magical world of the British country house unfolds before you!

Hear Curt DiCamillo lecture about these treasure houses

Curt is a masterful storyteller who lectures around the world on his favorite subject – historic houses. His richly illustrated and entertaining talks bring these houses vividly to life through archival images and delicious details that leave you wanting more.


The DiCamillo Database of British & Irish Country Houses

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Tours that change the way you see the world

The art collections, the gardens, the houses themselves -- nothing in the world can compare to the British and Irish country house. We’ve documented the history of over 6,000 of these marvels.